The working principle and features of LED transparent screen

2023-05-23 11:59:39 123

LED transparent screen through technical breakthrough, not only ensures the lighting requirements between floors, glass facades, Windows and other daylighting structure and perspective range, but also has good heat dissipation function, anti-aging performance, and convenient installation and maintenance, completely changed the limitations of the traditional LED display in glass application.

What are the characteristics and advantages of LED transparent screen?                                                                                            1, with a high perspective rate, to ensure the lighting requirements between floors, glass facade, Windows and other lighting structure and perspective range, to ensure the original lighting perspective function of the glass curtain wall.

2, does not take up space, the thickness of the motherboard is only 2mm, the weight of the display screen is only 5Kg/, without changing the building structure, directly paste with the glass curtain wall.

3, no steel frame structure, save a lot of installation and maintenance costs, indoor installation and indoor maintenance, and easy.

4, unique display effect, because the display background is transparent, can make the advertising picture give people the feeling of suspended on the glass curtain wall, with good advertising effect and artistic effect.

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