Brief introduction to transparent holographic led screen

2023-05-23 12:00:09 174

Transparent holographic screen is a new technology used to display images and text. It is different from ordinary screens and displays in that it displays pictures and text on a transparent screen with a visible transparency of more than 90%, so that other objects can be seen behind, so as to maintain spatial coordination and integrity. It can display 2D images, as well as 3D animations, and can broadcast images over long distances, using natural light.

Transparent holographic screens are made possible by a technique called "holographic mapping", which converts 3D images into 2D images and displays them on a 2D surface, using leds to achieve high resolution. 

A transparent holographic screen has many advantages. First, it has such high transparency that it feels as if there is no screen, and it also has high color accuracy and high resolution for all kinds of complex uses. In addition, it can unify the background, people and objects, so that it appears more natural in the overall environment, which is also a big difference from ordinary monitors. 

Due to the above advantages, transparent holographic screens are becoming increasingly popular, which can be used in educational, public display, entertainment and commercial applications. For example, it can be used to display 3D graphics and images, support people to browse information and help them better understand concepts; Can also be used for advertising display, exhibition display and so on. 

Therefore, transparent holographic screen is undoubtedly a very important emerging technology, which can maximize the advantages of screen in culture, entertainment, finance, education, medical and other fields, to provide users and consumers with valuable content. In the future, transparent holographic screens will become more and more popular and used in a large number of application scenarios, providing a happier consumption experience for consumers around the world.

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