5 application of led transparent display

2023-05-23 15:54:20 154

   There are 5 mainly application to LED Transparent Displays

 1.Stage  The LED transparent screen adopts the SMD technology of table stick device, the modeling design is not limited by the box structure, and can be customized according to the diversified stage modeling. The permeability and thinness of the LED display body are used to make the overall picture depth of field longer, which is conducive to the stage effect rendering and driving the atmosphere, and the perfect expression of the stage theme. 

2.shopping mall  Transparent display full of sense of science and technology, is undoubtedly a sharp tool for advertising activities, the interactive combination of modern art and store modeling, can effectively attract the attention of consumers, increase the audience rate of advertising, so as to increase the customer flow, so that advertising becomes cool and beautiful. 

3.Shop Vitrine  As long as there is glass, you can install transparent LED display equipment, easy and quick installation, can be installed in buildings, interior decoration, vitrine decoration and other fields, bring revolutionary changes for retail businesses. 

4.Architectural media  Architectural media has made great progress in recent years, especially in the disuse of glass curtain wall buildings. The LED light strip screen, LED transparent canopy and other designs have become the unique display solutions favored by businesses. 

5Science &Technology venue The customized transparent LED display brings high-tech effects to people in terms of shape and viewing experience, and senses the fantasy and mystery of science and technology through the screen.